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Eye Heart Travel - This month's main sponsor!

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Katie is the free spirited, hungry-hearted lovely lady behind the blog Eye Heart Travel. Over the past little while she has been working on super yachts, soaking up the sights and sounds of the passing world through the lens of a porthole. Traveling the world, whilst earning a living is possibly the greatest job I could ever imagine for the wanderluster that is Katie. She has recently made a decision to leave the yachts and spent a little while traveling and getting up to all sorts of amazing things...and leaving loads of handy travel tips - (like this list of travel apps ) on her blog and she is now back in (sunny) South Africa.
 photo eyehearttravel6_zps52c4fd4d.jpg
I love Katie's thirst for adventure - and if you check out her travel bucket list - you will see how many incredible things she has already ticked off on her list! In fact, her bucket list has inspired me to think about and create my own! Take a peek at Katie's and then I'd suggest you get your pen and paper out and do the same!

You can tell by Katie's adventures that she is an "all-in", life-by-the-horns kind of girl. Her "5 things I learned in Nicaragua" describes how she is stung by a scorpion. Let me just make that clear: She gets stung by a SCORPION.

 photo eyeheartTravel2_zpsbc7cb491.jpg photo eyehearttravel3_zpsb7dc0b19.jpg
 photo eyehearttravel4_zps9bdacb1d.jpg
When she LITERALLY describes it as a bee-sting, (ok, ten times a bee sting) I actually nearly fell off my chair - but honestly her brave spirit is super contagious! Her other incredible travel adventures (um, biking down the most dangerous road in the world) make me want to pack up my bags and trek half way across the globe, immediately.
 photo eyehearttravel5_zps1ca6543f.jpg
Katie is also a total yoga-babe. Having recently started fostering my own uber-love for yoga, I get SO excited when I stumble across blogs, instagram accounts, websites that have ANYTHING to do with yoga. Reading about Katie's incredible yoga experience at the Maderas Village is amazing! I love how she infuses the telling of the experiences with small tidbits from her own life and personal musings. (And you guys, how awesome is this view!?!)

 photo eyehearttravel7_zps0acac0c7.jpg
Katie has touched down back in Cape Town - so South African readers can be sure to check out some of the new adventures that Katie gets up to in The City (I'm thinking free-wheeling down Table Mountain, planting new forests or fighting sharks off with a surf board) But, I'm guessing that with Katie's itchy travel feet, it won't be long before she is headed back out to explore the big wide world! I can't wait to read about all her travels! Pop on over to her blog to get a little taste of wanderlust!

Blog || Website || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Simpler Times

 photo simpler1_zps44041986.jpg

 photo simpler2_zpse9a9039a.jpg  photo simpler3_zpsdca35db2.jpg  photo simpler4_zpsadb149f7.jpg  photo simpler5_zpsd0057813.jpg
* * * * * *
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* * * * * *

sometimes.... I genuinely wonder about myself.

anyway - as you were.

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Anything exciting going down for the long weekend?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie Review: Divergent

 photo divergent6_zpsf86c57f3.jpg
A Divergent series...

Divergent opened recently in cinemas and Warren and I went off on Sunday to watch it. Having thoroughly enjoyed The Hunger Games (I devoured the books in about 4.3 seconds) I was super excited to check out Divergent which is similar in genré, being a Dystopian fiction. Whereas Utopian Fictions create perfect societies, Dystopian Fictions create degraded societies (usually in a post-apocalyptic setting).

The setting for Divergent is in post-apocalyptic Chicago - the city is divided into five different factions - and people are categorised into the factions based on their inherent virtues. The five factions include -

  photo Divergent1_zpsa7fd15eb.jpg  photo Divergent2_zps5167cc06.jpg  photo divergent5_zpsa7e246de.jpg  photo Divergent3_zpse2d4ec47.jpg, photo divergent4_zps6aedfbae.jpg
Each person, when they reach 16, must take a test which determines which faction they should join. After hearing the test results the candidates must then choose, in a public ceremony, whether to remain in the faction of their birth or to transfer to a new faction.

When the lead character, Beatrice Prior, takes her test - it come back with inconclusive results - the test places her in several factions simultaneously, making her a "divergent". Divergents are problematic for the ruling government in that they cannot be easily "boxed" into a particular faction and they have a much higher degree of free will and thought - which in turn, may begin a collective revolt. The government are looking to eradicate any known Divergents in an effort to protect their (skewed) system, which therefore places Beatrice in danger of her life.

I spent the first 20 minutes of the movie trying to decide which faction I would place myself in and decided that I would most definitely be a Divergent. I then spent the remainder of the movie picking up tips on how to survive as an aforementioned Divergent. And trust me, it's not easy.

Apart from the amazing costuming which distinguishes the factions and incredible set design, Divergent also has a  photo divergent7_zps247c3d0d.jpg
because what great movie is NOT complete without a little sprinkling of Cupid? I presume that Beatrice's little love interest with "Four" (Theo James) spanned way longer than the actual film -

 photo divergent10_zpsab915713.jpg  photo Divergent11_zpsd6a19bdc.jpg

but one cannot blame her, because watching Theo James take his shirt off - 
is a MOST welcome thing.

 photo divergent9_zps84de7040.jpg
The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat as we go on the adrenalin pumping and dauntless ride into the destruction of a society, bent on eradicating those with free will. (There are SO many hectic themes in this movie, that I can't even begin to cover them all in this blogpost!) I absolutely LOVED the movie soundtrack - ( THIS SONG - too beautiful!) and so many other incredible tracks from the likes of Ellie Goulding and Snow Patrol.

 photo Divergent8_zps17e3a5e4.jpg

Divergent is out now both in SA and in the UK - and definitely one of those movies that is better on the big screen -  so I suggest you load up on your popcorn pronto!

Check out the trailer here.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Casey Pratt: PhotoCase Photography

It's taken me a while to post the pics of our amazing styled wedding shoot at Abingdon Wine Estate in the Midlands - mainly because it's quite difficult to put into words how grateful I am to finally have some INCREDIBLE "wedding photos". There are also so many people to thank, that I want to make sure that I do them all justice - and I hope you give them ALL the love they deserve for making Warr and I so so happy! I am so grateful to everyone who was involved. Thank you from the bottom of my little heart (and Warren's anatomically bigger heart). The photos we have after this shoot are more incredible than we could ever have hoped for. Anyway without rambling on too much (and reducing myself to tears), here are the snaps from our first photographer -

Casey Pratt from PhotoCase photography.

 photo 2014-04-03_0081_zps0f26af1a.jpg
When I first posted the little teaser the other day, I told you that the above pic was my favourite of Casey's snaps - but then when I went back to her website to get some more snaps to share with you - I was all of a sudden ALL CONFUSED about my favourite picture. And I think this is the problem I'm going to run into with all these incredible photographers. LOOK at this picture below -
  photo 2014-04-03_0091_zps3444a52a.jpg
How much FUN and love is in this picture?! I remember Casey saying, "Ok Warren, whisper something to make her laugh" (no, I can't tell you). What I LOVE about Casey's photographs is her amazing perspective and interesting photo angles. She'll be the one lying on the ground, or hanging out on a ladder somewhere to get the perfect angle, the most flattering perspective and the most gorgeous shot.

  photo 2014-04-03_011_zps942dd4dc.jpg
(Casey hangin out on a ladder)

 photo 2014-04-03_0101_zpsacb0558a.jpg
(Casey hiding in a bush)

 photo 2014-04-03_012_zps1cb85d00.jpg(Casey lying on the floor)
It makes her photographs so interesting and special to look at, that you honestly have to look twice. And as Keri has already mentioned - Casey takes notice and makes sure that she captures your most flattering, gorgeous and beautiful self. Her photo taking style is also completely unobtrusive - which is something you totally want on your wedding day - all you have to do is worry about getting on with being in love and soaking up all the FEEELINGS, while this talented lady works around you to capture all the beautiful magic.

 photo 2014-04-03_004_zps0d98b86d.jpg
Might I just add that these are probably the most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten. I only had one three. They were made, along with the cake (which I only had a sliver of - I "promise") by the yummy hands of Taryn from Smith's Bake shop. Also - THIS - have you ever?!)

 photo 2014-04-03_006_zpsec2cc67b.jpg photo 2014-04-03_007_zps88322b1c.jpg    photo 2014-04-03_016_zps2f3898de.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_027_zps2672a7bd.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_026_zpsc5b66116.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_023_zpsd80cb503.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_021_zps512d05f7.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_0221_zps237879db.jpg

Another thing that I absolutely LOVE about Casey's style of photography is that it has a very distinct film feel. I luuuuurve this picture above (it's another contender for my absolute fave!) - and it's got the most incredible film feel - wouldn't you say?! I am a HUGE fan of film photography - and this photo of such a beautiful moment,  with it's amazing bokeh light effects and soft grainy feel makes it so precious! I have totally stalked Casey's blog and portfolio - (I can totally recommend it) and came across this gorgeous wedding that she shot. The editing of these pics makes it feel like the whole thing was shot on film - it's so soft, with the most gorgeous photo texture! There is something about photos with a film feel that make them so much more special (and to me just screams ROMANCE) - maybe it's the fact that it feels like each picture has had to be carefully composed, thought about and captured as a gorgeous one-off moment - which is exactly the type of photography that Casey produces.

 photo 2014-04-03_032_zps0335e891.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_0301_zps8dcdf4bf.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_025_zps8421d0dc.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_0331_zpsd4d4ae86.jpg  photo 2014-04-03_0351_zpsa8893373.jpg

Why I would hire Casey as a wedding photographer:

Casey's work is so carefully and beautifully composed without it being overly contrived. She just let's everything unfold as it does and her creative eyes and ears are always alert and receptive to when a gorgeous shot may be about to happen. (The black and white pic second from the bottom, was actually shot after all the actual "shooting" had finished and I was just having fun in my epic vintage dress {from The LoveBucket} and it's filled with so much life and happiness!) So if you are looking for a photographer who will capture the absolute magic of your wedding day as it all happens around you - then Casey is the photographer for you! Plus if you love a soft romantic vintage film feel then her photographs will make your little heart SO happy! I promise you.

Thank you so much Casey, it was such a pleasure to meet you and work with you! Warr and I are SO grateful to have these photos  - you are an absolute star!

Other awesome suppliers involved in the shoot - 
Venue: Jane – Abingdon Wine Estate 
Stationers: Liesel & Birgitta – Glee Projects
Dresses:  Stacey – Love Bucket
Tent: Tammy – Midlands Stretch Tents
Make up & Hair: Kym – Kym & me
Cake: Taryn – Smiths Bake shop
Videographer:  Wes – The Shank Tank

Friday, April 11, 2014

Feel Good Friday

 My blog posts are getting progessively longer and longer on indieBerries - which kind of makes it difficult to keep up with myself. So, to change it up a little here's a short one:

 photo one_zps9101ed76.jpg

Sometimes I actually crack myself up to the point of no return.

And here is a list of epic links to make your Friday Feelgood - 

8 questions powerful people ask themselves every day.
An incredible Thai Advert - this will make you want to hug everyone you see.
I've just signed up for this free 33 day online Meditation Course
I love this adaptation of the six degrees of separation to the literary world.
What person are you really - Buzzfeed quiz. (I am the Lawful Good)
15 famous landmarks zoomed out - super cool.
I love this post about your house being your space to learn.
Six lessons for marriage from Rock 'n Roll Bride
22 derpy animals - hilar.
Watch this video on Tails of a mermaid immediately. It will make you want to pack up your things and go traveling this very second.

Have a fab Friday everyone! x

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vintage Vineyard Styled Shoot - Meet the Photographers

 As you may know, Warr and I were so lucky to have small "second shot" at wedding photos at the Vintage Vineyard Styled Shoot that we did in March at Abingdon Wine Estate. Not only did we have one talented photographer to snap a few pics of us in our wedding gear - but three extremely talented and creative ladies to capture the day.

It's been so incredible to finally see a "proper" picture of Warren and I as we were on our wedding day! (In fact, between you and me, I may have had a small fraction of a tear when the first photos started coming through). Granted, my wedding dress has shrunk a bit, and we are definitely more "London-skinned" than we were a year ago - but these incredible photographers managed to capture so much love and excitement in their shots - that if you didn't know any better - you would think this was our actual wedding. We know that we will never again be able to capture ALL THE FEELINGS that you have on your wedding day, but, maybe - it's a blessing to have this shoot one year on - to remind us to rekindle those feelings as often as we can. After all, 'the wedding' is just one step in the very long journey of marriage.

We are so incredibly grateful to these three ladies for taking the time out to organise this awesome styled shoot. I will be posting individual posts on all of them - in order to give their work justice - but for now, I wanted to just quickly introduce you to this awesome KZN talent and post my favourite shots from each of them. (and by "favourite shots" I mean, Warren standing over me yapping, "THEY ARE ALL AWESOME, JUST PICK ONE" - I have gone backwards and forwards over my favourites because I love them all!).

PS - all my (current) favourites happen to be black and white - possibly because I have been longing for a giant black and white canvas over our bed! haha I'm not even going to explain what I LOVE about these three intro pics - because they speak for themselves. All the contact details for the photographers are below their snaps - so feel free to do a bit of "light stalking"

Casey Pratt - Photocase Photography
 photo photocase_zpscb759179.jpg
Photocase photography Website || Facebook || Twitter

Kelly Daniels - Kelly Daniels Photography
 photo kellydaniels_zps3a10272e.jpg
Kelly Daniels Photography Website || Facebook || Twitter

Eileen Laubscher - Brightgirl Photography
 photo eileen_zpsb230cc2f.jpg
Brightgirl photography Website || Facebook || Twitter

HOW AMAZING ARE THEY?!?!!? HEY?!?! HEY?!?!?! You guys... I KNOW!!
I can't wait to share more of each of their awesome work - so stay tuned!

Yes, it's true that we will never in our lifetime recreate all the excitement and FEEEEEELINGS of our wedding day, but these pictures come pretty damn close and I am so so grateful to the three of you! I cannot wait to blow ALL of them up onto massive canvases that I've always dreamed of!

 Thank you all so much!
And stay tuned for more love and praise! 

xo xo

PS. in light of our wedding photo catastrophe, I have brought over my wedding dress with me (DRESS, YOU WILL FIT INTO THIS BAG EVEN IF I HAVE TO SHOVE YOU) and I am making it my mission to have the most photographed, well-traveled, wedding dress in the world. I already have some epic plans for it. So hit me up if you want to get involved!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marriage: Reflection on a year.

Having recently celebrated our First Year Wedding Anniversary (I know, where has the time gone!?) I have been reflecting a lot on our previous first year as a married couple. For the most part, I would say that Warr and I are quite unusual - in that over this year, there has only been one major argument that I can remember.

Yes, like any two normal people who spend a lot of time in each other's company - we have differences of opinions - but for the most part we have learnt, and are learning, to communicate well with each other - and I think it is what makes our relationship so successful. In any case, after moving into our very first "husband and wife house" we had the one major difference-of-opinion-session that I can remember from our first year. As a special treat for you, I have decided to document the argument exactly as it happened - and you can pick your own side.

After first moving in, we were in such a wonderful-loved up state of "OH LOOK AT US IN OUR MARRIED HOUSE TOGETHER!" that we failed to adhere to the normal day-to-day functions of living in a house. Meaning: we failed to enquire as to the proper refuse disposal rules of the very orderly block of flats that me moved into, in the fancy part of Wimbledon. As such, in a very short while, we accumulated approximately several small mountains worth of garbage in our kitchen - with no idea where to put it. And by "several small mountains" - I mean - two weeks worth of steaming, stenching garbage. It was time to ask a neighbour and find out how to dispose of our trash. Warren came back to break the news one Saturday evening and it wasn't pretty:
   photo rubbish1_zps068d5955.jpg  photo rubbish2_zps75f3d648.jpg
{Side note: diagram shows only two garbage bags. Two garbage bags is significantly different compared to the two-weeks-worth-of-garbage-bags we were actually dealing with.}
 photo rubbish3_zps615e9f6a.jpg  photo rubbish4_zps814f06a1.jpg  photo rubbish6_zpsd92cb301.jpg
{it's the kind of garbage that you have to breathe through your mouth}

But you know what, I decided that since it was getting late in the evening - and we still needed to organise dinner, and I was obviously still in that idiotic wonderful-loved-up-state which made me want to sacrifice myself, I made a deal with the husband:
 photo rubbish7_zps9a8eab73.jpg
Given that we all know my history of disaster in the kitchen - this seemed like a very logical approach. Husband was not convinced:
 photo rubbish8_zps7c43af72.jpg  photo rubbish9_zpsef8b213d.jpg  photo rubbish10_zpsb9b9108f.jpg
 photo rubbish11_zpsfe388a06.jpg
Warr: I really think we should just do it together - and then when it's done, we can both help out with dinner.
Me: No - it's really fine - I promise you! You go and get your cook on, I will do this quickly! I really don't mind.
Warr: I think we should do the rubbish stuff together.
Me: No, I promise you - I will do it! - I really don't mind! I want to do it!
 photo rubbish12_zpsecd3c41b.jpg  photo rubbish13_zps40f6de64.jpg  photo rubbish14_zpsa0608957.jpg  photo rubbish15_zps54d3f8be.jpg  photo rubbish16_zpsa1a24b1a.jpg
* * * * *
Now, it may have been the fact that I was up to my elbows in a pile of steaming garbage juice (think sticky-half-empty cans, leftover slimy potatoes and take away curries, tubs growing new species and half-empty-yogurt-with-spores); It may have been the horrific stench and it's involuntary-gag-reflex-trigger. Or, it may have been my fingers touching warm-un-identified-piles-of-stuff, it may even have been hearing Warren and his SMUG CHOPPING in the kitchen - but something inside my brain snapped and I suddenly realised -

 photo rubbish17_zpsaa5ecd9b.jpg
And, I let it be known with a large amount of tears and wild-screaming directed at husband who had dutifully taken up his place in the kitchen  - 
 photo rubbish18_zps4f642b26.jpg  photo rubbish19_zpsd953153a.jpg  photo rubbish20_zpsf455dd1d.jpg
Self: I KNOW what I said!! Don't tell me what I said!!! Don't you think I know what I said?! Why should YOU have all the fun?! Look at you and your SMUG CHOPPING! HOW VERY DARE YOU!!
Warr: ... but.. i thought...
Self: Why should YOU be the one who gets to do the CHOPPING!!! I ALSO WANT TO CHOP SHIT!!
Warr: ... that's why I wanted to do it tog...
Warr: ....I thought you said....
Self: Why can YOU be the one cooking in the kitchen - doing all the FUN CHOPPING and I HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO CLEAN THE SHITTY GARBAGE!! WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THE SHITTY JOB?!?!! WHY?!?!
 photo rubbish21_zps57f9208a.jpg  photo rubbish23_zpsfbe9e122.jpg photo rubbish22_zpsd030d7c4.jpg
Warr: ... um... but....
* * * * *

In the rageful sequence that followed - we confirmed that sorting two weeks worth of garbage juice is indeed the SHITTEST JOB IN THE WORLD. We also confirmed that far worse than week-old-curry and yogurt steaming at you - is a partner steaming at you. After a short while, we cooled off (by "we" I mean "me" - the one who had very-willingly volunteered myself for garbage duty). I can't even tell you how this episode was resolved, because quite honestly - I had genuinely and gladly volunteered myself for garbage duty and then decided to get PISSED OFF that I was on garbage duty - which, when written in a sentence like that, makes one realise what a nincompoop one is. By the end of the evening, we had not only apologised to each other - but went 360 degrees and ended up legitimately fighting over who should sort out the garbage so as to save the other.
Actually, sometimes - we are more sickly sweet than steaming garbage piles.
Whatever, I'll take it.
The moral of the story is: marry a man who has a calm understanding of "the crazies" and the patience of Ghandi. (Warren Dyer is such a man - but too bad for you, he's taken.)
And secondly, always, ALWAYS, find out about your garbage disposal rules before you move in.